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One of the most frequently asked questions is what are my favorite products in the Tocara Collection, especially for summer! We’re all seeing gorgeous pops of color including pinks, greens and peach in everything from clothing to handbags.  So when Tocara launched our Summer Styles I was over the moon excited to see these beautiful colors appear in our natural stone offerings.  As well, we have seen geometric patterns become popular again which again, makes me super happy!

And here’s why these styles top my list:


#1 Martina:  Stainless steel design with 16″ + 3″ length necklace

The geometric jewelry trend offers a contemporary and chic approach to accessorizing, characterized by sleek lines, unique shapes, and modern designs. This collection is striking, unique, and its high-polish rhombus shaped stations create a stunning lustrous look!


#2 Mia:  14k gold finish on stainless steel, double layered necklace

Rhodochrosite’s soft pink hue, ranging from deeper rose shades with softer pink tones, exudes a sense of warmth and femininity. It is carefully set in a petaled gold bezel, allowing its natural beauty to take center stage. Style tip: Complete the collection with the Rosie Necklace and Bracelet! Rhodochrosite Rhodochrosite is the love and passion stone. It represents calm, balance, and is believed to reduce stress and bring comfort and compassion. Fun fact: Its name comes from the two Greek works “rhodon” meaning “rose” and “chroma” meaning “color”.


#3 Rosalind 14k gold finish on stainless steel, 17″ + 2″ length necklace

Vintage-inspired coin style necklace with ribbed detailing that highlights the green jade center stone. A perfect subtle pop of color to add to your layering stack. Style tip – looks great with the Ines necklace!  😉


I could go on and on… and… on about these  and many other pieces from our Summer Collection.  If you haven’t had a chance to take a peek at the collection including the Ines necklace, just click the button below!

I’d love to hear– what are your top 3 favorites?