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3 Things You Didn't Know About Tocara!

One of my favorite reasons Tocara is so great is they bring fine quality jewelry at affordable prices that you can be proud to wear or gift!

I love jewelry.  I love to gift jewelry.  Why? Because jewelry brings joy to everyone I meet.  I love to define my own style and love when others define their own. There are no hard and fast rules.  Wear what you love; gift what you love!

Here are a few of my favorite things about Tocara:

(At least 3 things that you think make your company unique, different, cool – make sure these provide value to your reader!)

  • Our lab created diamond simulant is our Crowning Jewel!  It sparkles like a diamond, it’s cut like a diamond and it’s hardness is 8.5 where a diamond is a 10!  DiAmis are a girl’s new best friend!  Offering an affordable luxury to everyone who loves the sparkle.  It is ethically produced which makes it environmentally friendly too!
  • We rhodium coat our sterling silver which adds durability and shine!  Just a quick wipe with a polishing cloth will keep your Tocara sterling silver nearly tarnish free for a very long time!
  • Our philanthropy fills my heart.  Our biggest fundraising goal every year is for Breast Cancer Awareness.  We get to fundraise year round but we do have a very special and focused initiative from September through the end of October.  I am personally able to focus my efforts to help the Survivor Thrivers of Northumberland County each year.  They support women of all ages who are impacted by breast cancer. Working in my community and for my community is super important to me! Tocara gives me beautiful product with which to help others.

I’d love to hear what you think! What do you love about Tocara?