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A Little Bit About Me

I’d love to share a little from my heart with you. Even if you were a teensy bit interested in what life is like in Tocara, keep reading.

It is seriously the BEST. JOB. EVER.

It was during the Pandemic when I found Tocara.  I really wasn’t looking for anything else.  I’m a busy realtor and I love helping people find their first or next home.  BUT…what I really didn’t know I was missing was all the fun, the community, the gorgeous jewelry and the opportunity to find confidence in myself.  Honestly, it really took me by surprise!

Fast forward to now….I’m fortunate enough to have an incredible customer community, a growing Tocara family of style advisors and I’ve developed meaningful relationships with my community due to my fundraising efforts.

This business has been a game-changer for my husband and I .  I love talking to others that might be in a similar spot. I’d love to answer any questions that have crossed your mind even if you have a tiny bit of curiosity! Schedule a quick call with me no strings attached! What do you think?

PS: I know phone calls can be challenging while juggling all the things. Feel free to simply reply with any questions or shoot me a text at 289-210-2626, too! 🙂

xo  Marcia